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Hello! I'm Emil/Sybil! This is the 2nd website I've made here, so I hope it looks nice for my 2nd one! This website is mostly for fun but also has a few pages you should read if you want to get to know me! I had a lot of fun making this site and while I don't require anyone to explore my site, I hope anyone that does has a good time.

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My main interests include furry characters, video games, and worldbuilding! I'm a fine arts major working on my BFA! I have a fursona and his name is Sybil! You can check him out on my fursona page. My favorite game series include Pokemon, Nier, Drakengard, and Sinoalice! The rest of my favorite games can be found on my about/interest page. I also love creating worlds and characters. Right now, I am writing about 3 different worlds. The one with the most priority is Avelheim, a world inhabited by demons. It's hard to give a short description, so feel free to check it out on my OCs page! The other worlds I'm writing are called Laucilite and Vacancy! I hope you can enjoy them, and I hope to work on them more in the future!

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